Bimodal mobile markdown editors

Mobile text editors (like the WordPress one I am writing this on) tend to be drastically less convenient than their desktop-based equivalents. I am wondering whether this is could be improved if they supported two modes: one input mode in which you would write text without any formatting (possibly with macros for stuff like brackets) and a vim-like visual mode.

In the visual mode one would have a toolbar on the bottom of the screen. You could either select blocks of text and then the toolbar would show formatting for them (turn into code block, make every newline a list item..) or you could select words by tapping on them. Then the toolbar would show word formatting (bold, italic, in-line code) and one could drag and drop words around.

I feel like this would be quite an improvement over what I have seen in editors so far. I should probably extend the open source WordPress app and see where it leads me, but I don’t know java apps too well, so I might be doing a prototype in Reflex.