Generate flashcards from an API

I feel like I am spending inordinate amounts of time looking up functions I should absolutely have memorized by now. To the point where it might be more efficient to just generate flashcards (or even better: something like Lingvist or Duolingo) for APIs.

Such an app would consist of two parts: First scraping through docs. And then generating interesting memory retrieval tasks from it. For Haskell that could involve guessing the order of arguments to functions, matching name to type signature, guessing type class constraints, matching one-line haddock comment to name (and reverse).

This might be monetized by offering to support company-internal APIs for faster onboarding. Not sure, how useful this would be though. Might help a bit, but probably the real cost is understanding the architecture.

I am kinda planning on implementing this sometime next year (Backend: ASP.NET core/Giraffe, Frontend: Flutter). If you would like to join in, drop me a message!